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In September 2012 we had only 388 visitors (360 unique), but our pageviews are 1,000+. Thats about 3 pages per visit. Thanks everyone for the continued support!

We have jumped from Alexa ranking in the #8,000,000’s in November 2008 to an Alexa Rank of #2,094,117 as of January 08, 2009.

Our RSS feed readers have increased from 0 in the beginning of December 2008 to 25 as of January 09, 2009.

Between September 2008 and January 08, 2009 we have written 24 posts in 10 different categories and attained 30 comments.

We currently get about 100 hits per week - on average 30 unique visits per week. We have readers who come and browse the site - not just read an article and drop out.

What does that mean? We’re on the move!

For advertising opportunities email sales@green-behavior.com

If you link to us please leave a comment below or make sure your post does a trackback or pings the article on Green Behavior you linked to. We like to know when you’re talking about us and understand how important good reciprocal links are when it comes to building a strong independent site.

This post will be updated as often as needed - if you need up to date specifics please contact Kristin at info@green-behavior.com

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