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Sponsored Post Policy

Here on Green Behavior we are open to writing and publishing sponsored posts. To keep things even and balanced each sponsored post will be tagged as such and will have a “sponsored post” seal visible on the permalink page as well as the printed version.

If you would like us to write you a sponsored post we will accept payment as well as swag and samples of products.

What about your other product reviews

We will still continue to review green products we are aware of as we use them in our daily lives. These will come with a seal of “Green Approved” for products we like and might incorporate into our daily lives, “Green Recommended” for things we just can’t live without and “No Go Green” for those products we try and decide it’s something we prefer to live without.

Whenever we have an “No Go Green” we promise to do our best to find a product we can endorse as a similar replacement. You don’t have to follow our guidelines for green living but it’s like asking your friend’s opinion, weigh it with your own personal needs and preferences.

Seal Samples

Seal Description View Articles
n/a No Go Green - This is given to products the reviewing editor doesn’t recommend for the application discussed in the article. We take this seal very seriously and will only give it if a product’s flaws in certain applications would be important to our readers. We will always do our best to provide alternate products when we come across a less than ideal solution. 0 Articles
Green Approved - This is given to products the reviewing editor does recommend but might not incorporate into their every day lives, a good product is a good product and we want to recognize good products as well as the ones we can’t live without. 0 Articles
Green Recommended - This is given to products the reviewing editor can’t live without. These are the products that the editor uses often and wants to share their little secret with you! 6 Articles
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