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Solar Panels Systems: Things to Avoid

When I first started out with my drive for a greener lifestyle, it was quite easy. The simple change of light bulbs and redesigning of rooms for better lighting, heat, and insulation did not take too much effort. I then traded in my big SUV for a conservative sedan while taking my bike to the office whenever possible. I also switched to using Tru Energy Solar as an energy source for my home. Only when I decided to put some cash into having a solar system did I feel the pinch of expenses. Investing in solar panels is a big decision that takes careful planning and study. While I recommend making the switch to cleaner energy sources, it is best accomplished with commitment.

Here are some tips I learned from experience.

Don’t buy panels just from anyone

Don’t be conned by people claiming to know the product. Make sure that you are dealing with a reputable company that has the correct accreditations before committing to invest in a system with them. If it weren’t for a good sense of things, I would have ended up spending a lot of money on panels that were substandard. The person who is visiting your home should be able to explain to you the internal and external technical aspects of the system.

Don’t install the panels too close to your roof

If you want your solar system to work efficiently, make sure that there is ample space between the solar panels and the roof. Roofs reach very high temperatures under the sun. This combination of heat and electricity can be quite dangerous. Contrary to popular belief, heat is detrimental to a solar panel system. The space will allow air to flow and cool down the solar panels. Avoid installing the panels directly onto the roof and opt for wide clearance to avoid malfunctions. Clearance space is also important so that you can easily repair, replace and secure wiring and other parts of the system.

Don’t install your panels under shaded areas

Make sure that you do not have panels installed near things like chimney or your solar hot water tanks. The last thing you will want is obstructions that shade your system during the most important hours of 10 AM to 2PM. Partial or complete shading of one panel can have a considerable effect on the total output of the system. Plan and observe the area you are planning to use to avoid this issue.

The Bottom line:

Always remember that solar panels are like any other investments. It takes so money to start, but if you do right things, you will reap the benefits in the end.

About the Author: Gene Armstrong is an energy expert based in Australia. He specializes in knowledge about switching, energy efficiency, and green energy.
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