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Squidward Chronicles: Calamari Oil & Its Effects on Children’s Learning & Behavior

As parents, we want our kids to grow strong, healthy and intelligent. A kid’s education begins at home where we as parents, teach our kids about some of the basics of life. We teach our growing kids how to eat, how to brush their teeth, tie their shoe laces, how to get dressed, tell them stories and read them to bed. Teaching the basics will let our kids have a head start in life by teaching them basic skills, intelligence and memory that they can use when they grow up and go to school. We want our kids to be brainy and healthy at the same time. We enhance their diet with nutritious foods and if needed, add vitamins and mineral supplements to complete their daily health requirement. But did you know that one essential fat  can further enhance your kid’s learning ability, memory and intelligence?

We are talking about omega-3 fatty acids. Numerous research and studies have been made and still being made, about the many advantages it gives to the human body. It helps in protecting the body from developing cardiovascular diseases, helps maintain a healthy heart, skin, eyes and protects us from developing allergies. It also helps in lowering the risks or developing chronic diseases like diabetes and cancer. It also alleviates the symptoms caused by these chronic diseases. It also helps the brain to function normally and lower the risks of acquiring dementia, depression, dyslexia and Alzheimer’s disease. And most importantly, it helps in children’s brain development.

The Calamari Oil Difference

Omega-3 is an “essential fat” because the human body cannot naturally produce it. We have to source omega-3 from the food that we eat, our diet or through supplements. Experts have pointed out that enhancing the diet with omega-3 rich foods are the best way because food has additional nutrients  that are needed by the body. Cold water fish like salmon, trout and tuna are the popular sources of omega-3. It goes the same with fish oil supplements, with krill oil coming in second and the new player in the market, squid or calamari in third. But between these three popular sources, squid or calamari contains the highest level of omega-3 specifically DHA and EPA. Numerous studies and research have linked high levels of DHA and EPA improved memory, learning ability, emotional quotient and improved behavior among school children. In a study made made in 2012 by the University of Oxford in the UK stated that increasing the levels of omega-3 DHA and EPA levels in deficient school children lead to an increased mental performance.

The study was made using a study sample of 363 school children aged between 7-9. The study showed  kids with low levels of omega-3 experienced learning and behavioral issues like poor reading ability, poor behavior and poor learning outcomes. The children were given 600mg of omega-3 supplements daily for 3 months and it showed improvements in cognitive and learning tests. It showed an improvement in their reading age, improved memory and number recall and improved behavioral rating as rated by the parents and teachers. The Oxford Study is just one of the numerous studies that links omega-3 with improved learning, memory and intelligence in children.

Since calamari oil has the highest level of DHA and EPA as compared to other sources, it is safe to say that calamari oil can be an effective tool in enhancing your child’s brain function.

  • Guest Article by a Health365 (AU) editor
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