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Greenroom Recycled 24-Count Boxed Notecards


One of the first tasks of my new year was to send out “thank-you” cards to everyone I had received gifts from this Christmas season. Easy right? It would have been, however I needed to find masculine-looking cards since they would also be from my boyfriend. What I found was a boxed set of eco-friendly blank notecards by Greenroom. Green, versatile, and man-approved (by my boyfriend) the cards features a wood grain texture on the front, available in green or a teal color, (other prints also available).



About Greenroom

Greenroom is founded by a husband and wife team making California inspired, sustainable products ranging from notebooks, binders, expanding files, clipboards, stationery, planners, etc. Only available at Target, make sure to check out these man-approved recycled set of notecards.


You can read more about this company and their products at Greenroomeco.com


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