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How to Go Green with Moving Boxes

Moving a home can be a pretty stressful experience regardless of where you live. The modern lifestyles we lead can be very busy at times and that could sometimes lead to a chance at a promotion or moving to a new location around the country or the world itself. In many cases the move will mean you need to deal with an impact on the local environment due to fossil fuel use and other materials that are part of the moving experience. There is a way to avoid this if you know what you’re doing and you approach your removal with eco-friendliness in mind. There are ways to do this, and this article will point out a few of them so you can have an easier, yet eco-friendly moving experience:

Using reusable packing materials

You need to consider that packing materials can be pretty serious contributions to the overall impact on the environment itself. You will need to have a solid set of packing supplies, such as tape and boxes that allow you to deal with the moving process in an organized and safe manner, but you can deal with things in an environmentally safe manner. You can do this in a safe manner by either completely eliminating the need for boxes by using plastic bins instead or by using recycled materials and second hand boxes to reuse what is already on the market. There are quite a few companies out there that deal with recycled packing materials, so you would stand to gain a lot by finding them and their services.

 Use of recycled materials

This is a great way to save some money while you move, but you will also serve to protect the environment as well. Your impact on nature around you will be far smaller if you use packing materials made that way, so consider checking out local retail stores, liquor stores and other locations and establishments which work with boxes on a daily basis. This may allow you to find a number of boxes for free in most cases, since they are recycled. Although their sizes may vary, in the end it will be well worth the effort and time spent to obtain the. Larger chains will have more varying box sizes, so you may be better served in seeking them out.


 Using online sources of boxes

There are a number of classifieds websites such as Craigslist that may give you the opportunity to find a good deal of boxes and packing materials people may possess, but it will take some doing and searching. There are also online sources of packing materials such as moving and storage companies that deal specifically in this field and will offer a reusable set of packing materials you can use. Simply call them and inquire about the way they handle their business to learn about the source of their boxes and materials.

 Downsizing your belongings

Downsizing and donating your belongings is something that could be used to make you travel light and to make the act of moving far easier than before. You can give away items and specifically books you will never read to your local library, as well as charities and other people that may make use of them instead of moving them to your new home and burning fuel for no reason to do so. Moving fewer items means making your moving experience cheaper and more fuel efficient, leaving a smaller carbon footprint behind.


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