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Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

Infographic: Eco-Friendly Garden

We all have a responsibility to be more environmentally friendly and it is possible however small the contribution seems. With the advent of global warming and inclement and erratic weather patterns, it is not something that we can simply ignore. 2015 was the hottest year on record on the planet so the worrying signs are not dissipating.

Recycling on a responsible level at home and at work is a great start but you can be environmentally friendly with your choices in the garden also. Being eco-friendly in the garden is achievable with minimal effort and just a little know-how.

Even the fact that you have decided to incorporate some element of gardening is a responsible choice as it might reduce your purchasing of packaged goods from supermarkets and the like, especially if you choose to include something like a vegetable garden.

Becoming more eco-friendly in the garden will be easier than you think. This infographic from Capital Garden Services aims to highlight ways that any gardener can introduce an environmentally friendly element to their garden. It shows how this can be done in a small way or in larger contributions. It also highlights some nice ways of attracting ‘friendly’ visitors to a garden and gives insight into a nice case study situation in London. Check it out below.


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