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Staying Green while Moving

Moving? Maybe your moving into your first home, maybe you got stationed at a new base and are on the move again, maybe you are packing up for your first semester at college. Where ever you are going I hope these eco-friendly moving tips bring a little bit of green into your life.

Cardboard Boxes - Instead of buying new ones from U-Haul or your local retailer why not try getting used ones? Try craigslist or freecycle… In college I used Walmart as my source of packing boxes. Around midnight on Friday and Saturday they would restock the shelves and I would go down the main aisles and pick out boxes to take withe me, free of charge. If I remember correctly Walmart won’t allow you to take any boxes that have their logo on the box FYI. Beer and wine stores are also great find for heavy-duty, small to medium boxes.

“Depending on quality, a cardboard box can withstand three to 10 uses, at which point it will likely need to be recycled.”

Alternatives to packaging materials:

  • Eco-Friendly Tape - from EcoPackStore
  • Green Packing Peanuts -  Made from a form of plastic derived from renewable sources like vegetable oils. You can get a pack from Uline for $19
  • Geami wrap - This is 100% recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable alternative to bubble wrap and peanuts. You can get this at Staples or The Container Store.




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