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Lithium-ion Batteries Could be in Your Next Car

With the possible impending bail-out of the auto industry people, auto makers are looking forward to the future of electric cars. According to news from the New York Times. Acquisitions of battery manufacturers and new faces in the battery and auto industry may be popping up soon to enter the race.

The BMW Mini E electric car uses a 5,088-cell lithium-ion battery pack that is the size of the back seat. A lithium-ion battery of that size can provides about 93 miles per charge. read more about the BMW Mini E all electric car.

Lithium-ion batteries have long been used in laptops cell phones, game boys and other fun sized electronic devices, as well as rechargeable batteries around the house. All we wait for is the battery manufacturer to prove that li-on can work on such a larger scale.

In a non-electric car a lithium ion batter replacing the common nickel-based ones would reduce the weight of the automobile and take up less space. Less weight increases gas mileage, and smaller parts can reduce the space necessary in the engine for the battery. Smaller and already gas efficient car makers will most likey be the primary market for lithium-ion batteries.

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