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Infographic: The Scale of Deforestation

Our planet is currently losing over 15 billion trees a year. That’s the equivalent to a football field every 1.4 seconds. Deforestation is clearing the earth’s forests at an alarming rate and that’s why Earth Day this year is all about Trees for the Earth.

The good news if that over the past 25 years the rate of global deforestation has slowed down by more than 50 percent but that still isn’t enough. Some predictions state that rainforests of the world will be destroyed completely if deforestation continues at its current pace. In fact if deforestation continues at its current pace, we will lose an area the size of California in just over three years - and in fifteen years, an area the size of Mexico.

We all know the effects of deforestation but what can we do about it? One easy way to help is to get involved with Earth Day and plant a tree. Although Earth Day has been and gone this year, it’s more than just one day. Over the next four years Earth Day is calling upon us to redress the balance by helping plant trees. One tree might not seem like much, but with more than one billion people involved with Earth Day this year, we can make big things happen!

But it doesn’t stop there. You can take it one step further by making sure the choices you make at home, at school, or at work don’t contribute to the problem. Here’s what else you can do:

  1. Go paperless. This means opting out of junk mail lists, signing up for e statements, paying bills online and sending e-greeting cards.

  2. Use reusable coffee cups in the office.

  3. Take a tote bag to the grocery store.

  4. Recycle and buy recycled products. Today there is a variety of recycled items, including notebook paper, books, toilet paper, and shopping bags available. When people use recycled products and make a conscious effort not to waste, the demand for new raw material to replace these items can decrease. It’s as simple as that.

On top of all that, why not become an advocate of reforestation? Learn how you can spread the word or lend your support to organizations that concentrate on the preservation of forest habitats and join the fight for the future of our planet.


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