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Yes to Green in 2009 Winners

The winners have been chosen and contacted!

Our winners of the Yes to Green for 2009 Giveaway are:

1st Place


  • YES to environmentally friendly cleaners for my home
  • YES to using my car as little as possible
  • YES to encouraging the entire office to recycle

2nd Place

Sewart - @ nrohtrawets

  • YES to getting fit and healthy
  • YES to carbon offsetting my friends cars for their birthdays
  • YES to cleaning up my office

3rd Place


  • YES to starting a 6 acre garden to teach people how to grow their own food and help the hungry
  • YES to using those fabric grocery sacks I bought
  • YES to walking as much as possible instead of driving

I am loving and supporting all of their ideas and some of the other great green ideas that came out of the giveaway.

Carolyn G is saying: “yes to growing my own veggie garden” and Rachel is saying yes to “bringing my lunch to work.” Daniele even contributed the idea of saying yes to carpooling in Europe.

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