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Eco-Friendly Solutions

Eco-Friendly Pools Worthy Of Your Backyard

There is no better relief during the boiling hot summer months than going for a dip in a pool; and what could possibly be better than being able to jump into one, as soon as your feet touch the soft grass of your own backyard? However, most people use chlorine to make sure sanitary conditions of their pools are met, which can turn out dangerous for swimmers if used excessively. Chlorine has a property of irritating the skin, eyes, even the respiratory system. Luckily, healthy, eco-friendly alternatives do exist.

Salt Water Pools

The ocean’s natural saline solution is a perfect chlorine substitution, so why not come up with a way to implement it into swimming pools? Fortunately, this has become a trend of sorts. Using a chlorine generator cell and bags of table salt to produce the process of electrolysis, this type of pools effectively provides an eco-friendly solution to potentially poisonous chlorine effects. The salt is turned into chlorine or hypochlorous acid to fight various dangerous algae and bacteria. On top of being non-damaging to our bodies as well as beneficial for the environment, the salty pools work wonders for skin and hair.

Moss-Filtered Pools

Surprising as it sounds, moss can actually turn out a beneficial thing. Sphagnum moss is both non-damaging as well as eco-friendly in terms of water usage. Filtering bacteria from stagnant water, this variety of moss is replaced on a 30-day basis and can be composted quite easily. Seeing as how it is generally used as a decoration, you don’t have to worry about the outlook of your pool either.

Natural Pools

Not exactly a technological wonder, the low-maintenance, chemical free natural pools may be a perfect solution for your eco-friendly pool. As an affordable way to enjoy your summer dip, the natural pools are usually built using gravel and clay based structures, instead of using concrete. Aquatic plants, which are used as natural filters, in chlorine’s stead provide these pools with extra oxygen, beneficial bacteria and enable natural pools to support actual aquatic life. Imagine that, fish in your backyard swimming pool!

Ozone Pools

However, if you already have a pool that you love and cherish, demolishing it and replacing it tends to present both financial and emotional pain. In order to make it eco-friendly and clean, you might want to think about getting an ozone sterilization system. These devices use oxygen in order to get rid of bacteria by means of electricity. This ozone filtration alternative opens up a myriad of opportunities in terms of your pool’s outlook. The choices are endless, ponds, water fountains, cascading waterfalls, you name it – everything can become a good-looking part of your own backyard pool.

Using Heat to Cleanse

Another way to keep your pool clean while remaining mindful of the environment is by installing energy efficient condensing boilers and solar PV panels, which not only are a natural way of keeping your pools healthy, but also provide an environmentally safe way of obtaining energy.

The modern-day technology has already succeeded in providing us with eco-friendly solutions for any pool enthusiast. New trends keep popping up every day, but the fact remains that there are already more than a couple out there. When it comes to pools, bacterial infections can turn out a serious problem, while water and air pollution already is an actual one. Why shouldn’t you, therefore, turn environmentally aware, while taking care of your own health in the process. Most of these alternatives to chlorine are not only tested and safe, but also quite affordable and easy to maintain.

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