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Bike Culture: Go Green

“Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the human race”, said Herbert George Wells, prolific English writer. Bicycling is a great physical activity, beneficial in so many levels you cannot even imagine. Besides the obvious health benefits, it is a way to enjoy nature on a nice, sunny day, it gives you a sense of freedom, reduces stress and helps in protecting the environment. So hop on your bicycle and start pedaling! If you really need more convincing, here are some major benefits of cycling.

Cycling Is Good For Your Health

Cycling is one of the easiest way to exercise, it builds your strength, muscle tone and stamina, improves the cardio-vascular system, burn calories and improves coordination. It is a base training activity, which means that it provides aerobic and endurance training simultaneously. Contrary to running, cycling gets your heart pumping and legs moving without pounding your joints. Also, when years go by, you probably would not be able to continue with weightlifting or performing other power exercises, but you can continue bicycling for as long as you wish.

Great Way To Enjoy A Nice Day

You look out the window and see that the day is perfect. Cycling is one of the most active ways to spend your free time. Make it interesting, ride your way up a hill and push the speed, but also keep a leisurely pace to rest your leg muscles. Relax and absorb those beautiful sunshine rays. An hour of bicycle ride will make you feel calm and fulfilled.

Environment Friendly

Bicycles are great and completely green transportation devices. Motor vehicles release toxic gases and fumes, and are leading causes of global warming and ozone holes. So, instead of sitting in front of your steering wheel, getting bored while stuck in traffic during rush hours, think about grabbing your bike and riding it work instead.

Exploring and Getting to Know the Area

By not speeding in your car through city streets, you may take it slow and pay attention to your surroundings. There is a great chance that you will notice a lot of things you have not noticed earlier, travelling your usual route. Experience the feeling of exploration, go out and ride it somewhere you have not been before. You will start appreciating being outside, explore and catch sight of all kinds of interesting things.

Saves Money

How much money do you spend on transportation each year? A large chunk of your income is spent on gas and vehicle maintaining. The negative effects of motor transportation are humongous, with water and air pollution rising alarmingly high. So, instead of wasting thousands of dollars each year, ditch the car and take the two-wheeler.

Stress Reduction

Physical exercising reduces stress, but according to some studies, people who use bicycles are generally happier than people who use other means of transportation, because they enjoy riding a bike. Commuters reported that they actually like their bicycle commuting (a 2006 the Victoria Transport Policy Institute study). A great way to exercise right before your work hours begin.


It gives you a sense of freedom and offers you fun, unlike bulky motor vehicles. Remember your childhood days, when you had just learned to ride a bike, it gave you a sense of independence for the first time. And you do not need much – a bicycle, cycling gear and a bit of enthusiasm and good will. Call your friends, cycle with them, and feel like a kid again. Join the local cycling club and enjoy various cycling tours and newfound company.

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