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95% Organic Lip Balm - Yes to Carrots Lip Butter

One of my favorite day to day green health and beauty products is by far the Yes to Carrots Lip Butters.

The lip butters come in five lip smacking delicious flavors:

  • Melon
  • Citrus
  • Berry
  • Carrot
  • Mint

The lip butters are actually the product that first drew me to Yes To Carrots. I grabbed a melon lip butter one day at Walgreens cause I didn’t have a Chapstick in my pocket - a daily staple. I used the melon lip butter all night and the next day I promptly bought the other 4 flavors.

Melon is still by far my favorite with citrus in a close second. The smell of the citrus is really refreshing , I can’t wait for summer to use this one!
The mint flavor is really energizing - mostly because of the smell. It’s a good pick-me up in the morning - especially a cold rainy morning. Carrot is pretty plain but the berry is one of the tastier varieties.

What? Quite Tasty??

Oh yes, since the lip butters are 95% Organic (USDA Certified Organic too) and all natural I don’t worry about how much I ingest. One downfall of many lip balms on the market is when they smell good and taste good you tend to smack your lips often - wouldn’t you feel better knowing you’re eating organic lip balm?

You can learn more about Yes to Carrots’ Organic Lip Butter on their website. I have officially replaced all the Chapsticks and lip balms in my life with these - they’re the best organic lip balm I’ve ever used.

You can buy the Yes to Carrots Lip Butters at Walgreens, Target and online at Drugstore.com and Amazon.com.

Check out some interesting and unusual uses for lip balm - besides soothing your lovely lips!

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