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5 Natural Ways to Beat Adult Acne

If you’ve ever been the victim of adult acne, you know it’s not pretty. The combination of pain and shame created by the red unsightly bumps that line your forehead, jawline and even neck can make you feel beyond self-conscious, if not a little crazy. Those who suffer from acne as an adult are often driven to try every astringent, chemical peel and blemish-fighting product to combat their breakouts, while natural healing methods to cure it are often overlooked.

If you suffered from acne as a teenager, and now again as an adult, you may have noticed that this time around it’s a little different. Typically, teenage acne is found on the cheeks, nose and forehead, while adults find that their breakouts are along the jawline and chin, and are often more painful that before. The reason for the difference is the cause of acne; while the hormonal changes of puberty cause teenage acne, the No. 1 culprit for adult acne is an overabundance of the hormone cortisol, which is created by stress.

So, instead of purchasing every chemical-ridden astringent in the drugstore, taking natural measures to calm your face flare-ups may be all that you need to regain a clear complexion. Not sure where to begin? Give these cortisol-busting strategies a try.

Catch Enough Zs

Making sure that you get enough sleep is one of the best ways to reduce your cortisol and acne naturally. Getting the suggested eight hours of shut-eye nightly helps your body cope with the stress of the previous day, and helps to prepare you to handle the next day’s stress.

Sip Black Tea

Believe it or not, an afternoon cup of black tea may help to keep your stress levels, and your breakouts, to a minimum. Studies have shown that drinking black tea helps you recover from stress faster than after drinking other types of tea. Also, black tea is packed with flavonoids and antioxidants, both which can help keep skin clear, as well as reduce the signs of aging.

Do Something You Love

One of the most fun and most natural ways to reduce cortisol levels within your body is to do something you love each day – or even each week. Doing something that you love which engages you both mentally and physically can fight off stress, reducing cortisol levels and your breakouts. If your hobby involves spending time in nature, like hiking a trail or working in your garden, the fresh air and vitamin D you’ll glean can add to your overall health – just be sure to apply SPF.

Exercise Daily

Getting in a daily sweat session can work wonders for your skin. Exercising helps to increase blood circulation, which helps to both oxygenate your skin cells and flush waste. Taking the time to get sweaty can also reduce the amount of cortisol that your body carries, helping to reduce stress-induced acne.

Get Into Meditation

If you haven’t yet tried meditation, getting your “om” on could work wonders for your skin. Meditation helps reduce blood pressure and cortisol levels, which tame your stress-induced flare-ups.

If you’ve had enough of your adult acne, making natural lifestyle changes can put you on the path to clearer skin. By using natural methods, such as taking the time to exercise, meditate more and even squeeze in an afternoon tea-time, you could see less stress-related flare-ups and overall clearer skin. So whether you choose to garden, go for a run to simply take a nap, expect to enjoy better skin and the happiness and confidence that comes with it.

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