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Scrunci Eco Hair Clips, Elastics and More Hair Products

I stopped at my local Walgreens today to pick up a new hair clip since the teeth on my old one finally gave out.

I was grabbing a two pack of Scrunci hair clips and spotted for the same price a two pack of 100% recycled Scrunci eco clips. The recycled hair clips have the same quality and hold that we come to expect from Scrunci and are a product I would highly recommend.

Scrunci has some other great eco friendly and environmentally conscious products out now as well including bamboo hair elastics and much more! I love their slogan on the eco products too, “Use your head, save the planet” cute!

All of the Scrunci eco and bamboo products are very comparable in price to the non eco-conscious products they produce; so consider switching the next time you need to pick up new hair products.  We as consumers need to put our money where our mouths are and buy eco when we spout eco!

These clips and elastics make great green stocking stuffers for the upcoming holiday season as well!

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