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Eco-Friendly Solutions

Making Your Home More Energy-Efficient and Eco-Friendly

Today’s responsible homeowners know that rising energy costs and an over-reliance on polluting fossil fuels is not a sustainable long-term policy. Thankfully, today’s eco-friendly homeowners and property managers have a wide variety of options to reduce energy losses, increase efficiency, and work towards leaving a less destructive impact on the planet. Below are simple steps any homeowner or property manager can take to save money and improve energy efficiency:

Blowing Hot Air

Industry experts have performed multiple studies and have conclusively proven that about half of all home energy costs go towards heating or cooling the home. If you notice that one room or area of the house is not heating or cooling property, there may be a leak or problem in the distribution system. Even older heating and cooling systems can continue to provide years of reliable service after being given a full check-up, replacing older seals and connections with advanced high-pressure valves and gaskets. Government reports have shown that leaky air ducts in heating and cooling systems can boost monthly bills as high as 30%.

Although hiring professional contractors and repair personnel to fix your home’s sophisticated heating and cooling systems can be somewhat costly upfront, sealing leaks and replacing outdated seals and valves will save you a lot of money in the long term.

Dialing for Dollars

You’ve forked over your hard-earned money to cool or heat a room, but now what? The moment the air duct stops blowing, that precious heat or cool air will begin to try to make an escape. Cold air finds tiny crevices in windows on a winter’s day and bright sunlight can make short work of your nicely chilled air. Using energy-efficient windows with double or triple panes can save you hundreds on your energy bills. With thick drapes and reflective blinds to keep out unwanted sunlight, any room in the house can be dialed to a nice temperature with the confidence and peace of mind of knowing that the air temperature will remain stable at the desired setting.

Baking Bread on Your Roof

Very few bakers are intrepid enough to bake loaves on their roofs, but black and other dark roofing substances attract the heat of the summer’s rays until blistering temperatures are achieved. But there’s no reason for attics, lofts and upstairs living areas to transform into unbearable saunas months out of the year. New, advanced white and light-colored roofing coatings allow homeowners and property managers to save hundreds of dollars in cooling costs during the hotter months of the year.

Invest In Your Home’s Future

Savvy homeowners know that advanced new cooling and heating systems are not just wise investments for saving money long-term on reduced energy bills, but also a great investment in the value of the house itself. New furnaces, air conditioners, water heaters, radiators and other cooling and heating systems can add thousands of dollars to the value of your house during any potential resale.

New, advanced models from quality manufacturers now come with the Energy Star label, the international ratings standards that help homeowners save thousands of dollars on their energy bills. Experts in the field often use a simple metric of one year for one percent, meaning that replacing a 20-year-old water heater or boiler can often provide savings of up to 20%.

Thinking Green, Staying Clean

Many homeowners are unaware that government studies have demonstrated that as much as 15% of home energy costs can come from heating water. Taking shorter showers, or putting the water heater or boiler on a lower setting, can save between 10 to 15% on energy costs. Everyone loves a good hot shower, and investing in a quality energy-efficient new water heater can give you plenty of hot water while saving tremendous money in energy costs, leaving a smaller footprint on the local environment.

Energy from the Sky

One look out of the window and we can all see the bounteous free and unlimited energy of the sun. Unfortunately, capturing all that wonderful green energy and putting it to good use can take a little work. Just a few years ago, solar panels were expensive and fragile experimental alternative energy systems for pioneers and the wealthy. Now, any homeowner or property manager can hire reliable local companies to perform a full installation of a solar panel array, which can cost as much as $17,000 all told.

A simpler and less-expensive way to use free solar power for your energy needs is to harness it using a solar water heater. Made out of durable materials and coated in a special absorbent material, solar water heaters use the rays of the sun to heat substantial amounts of water, giving homeowners virtually free showers and baths.

In conclusion…

Everyone is slowly moving to green energy and adopting eco-friendly habits. Not only is it high time to start taking care of mother Earth, but also putting an end to ever-rising energy costs. It’s not unrealistic to think that one day we’ll enjoy clean, efficient and eco-friendly energy that will cost us virtually nothing. Until then, we do what we can. Whether it’s a programmable thermostat or a new solar array, your investment now will pay off in the years to come.

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