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Green Holiday Wrapping via Twitter

Over the past few days I, @greenbehavior on Twitter, have been reaching out about green gift giving and green gift wrapping and I wanted to share the responses with you.

What Green Gifts are You Giving this Holiday Season

@leeanthro1, of soy is the new black, said:

@greenbehavior Better quest: What am I giving that isn’t green. Lots of recycled, wood, felt toys under our tree this year.

@sunny4257, of creative interests, said:

@greenbehavior I’m giving a homemade (by me) crocheted blanket.

@saveessentials, of Save Essentials, said:

@greenbehavior nothing like saving the planet and having squeaky clean house!

Wrapping for the holidays: what are/were your green efforts?

@BeautyWriter, of Simple Ways to Save, said:

@greenbehavior paper grocery bags deco’d by kids to wrap, then recycle.

@TreesInstead, of Trees Instead - Memorial Trees, said:

@greenbehavior or have a tree(s) planted to offset the wraping…:)

@drflower, of Dr Flower’s Essentials, said:

@greenbehavior I have reused bags from Patagonia store that date back to 1995. I vote reuse!!

@MJSchrader, of MJ Schrader, said:

@greenbehavior From scrap cloth, I made reversible gift bags. Christmas-looking on one side, multi-season the other.

@paigepresley said:

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