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9 Green Gifts from Esty for under $50

With Valentine’s Day just around the why not break out the traditional candy and easter baskets we give and try an eco-friendly twist. I’ve collected the following list of 9 gifts that you could really give for any occasion under $50 each.


Guardian Dryad, 2 Gnomes and heart  by  $35

This is an adorable table decoration for kids. Hand carved out of birch wood and painted with non-toxic natural oils.

Monkey Art Display Clips by  $29

Display your child’s work with these eco-friendly clips in the shape of monkey’s. Made from hand using FSC certified poplar wood, painted with non-toxic paint, and finish with a non-toxic and zero VOC sealer.



Reusable Paper Towels Eco-Friendly Snapping Un-Paper Towel  by  $35

Reusable Cloth Towels that even include adapters to fit right onto  your a paper towel holder

Wool Dryer Balls by  $28.50



Corkor - all items seem to be under $50

Eco-friendly wallets and bags made from cork.



Eco Friendly Sketchbook by  $26

Made from eco-friendly, 100% recycled materials. The sketchbooks are said to be endorsed by the Rainforest alliance and FSC certified.

1 Piece Eco-Friendly Recycled Paper Pencil Favor Set by  $1.75 ea. pencil



Navy with White Anchor - Large Eco Friendly Decorative Pillow Cover by  $34

A nautical pillow cover that’s felt is made from 100% post consumer plastic bottles.

Modern Eco-Friendly Planters by  $45

Made from the sustainable material by Dupont Corian.

1 Comment for “9 Green Gifts from Esty for under $50”
  1. I am so pleased to see earth conscious items featured and Green Behavior seems to have a keen eye for really great ideas . The artists and resourceful people who create useful products from what trashes the planet in landfills are to be honored. I would pay more for a product just to contribute to the positive efforts.

    Posted by Chris Foy | January 27, 2014, 9:23 pm
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