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The USA Going Green

American Business and How it Can Affect Green Thinking

The United States is an intricate community of information, business and global impact. Due to the intense spotlight that is put on America through media and literature, any movement becomes larger whether it is positive or negative. A progressive revolution has been taking place within stateside borders, as focus has shifted much more sharply toward environmental conservation and sustainability.

Although the current state of the green revolution is clearly positive, it has its shortcomings. Many people are on the green bandwagon mentally, but it takes practical progress to make a true difference. The movement needs to become actionable in 2013, and it starts with leadership. Offices and departments within companies across the nation should consider wholehearted changes with regards to the green movement. Profound impact can come from simple alterations to the business model, and below I explain ways that business leadership can implement green thinking within their operations.

Have a vision

People usually only believe what they see. If a company donates money to a wind farm it surely supports green energy, but the only way that it will impact the masses of U.S. citizens is through a couple news stories. People won’t physically see the change, and will have trouble acknowledging it as tangible. American business should without a doubt continue to make progress through financial donations, but a clear vision toward sustainability throughout an entire company’s procedures is where the real headway can be forged.

Bottom line: Business leadership nationwide needs to take initiative and be bold. It’s vital for key decision makers and executives to develop a vision and a plan for how to actively infiltrate the color green throughout the enterprise.

Implement visible change

When people physically see change, they begin to internalize it. If someone hears about, sees and uses a recycle bin they will be more inclined to believe in the ideas that created the process. Similarly, if business leadership implements actual sustainable changes within places like physical workspace, employees will accustom themselves with the values and it becomes contagious. Some specific ways that an office manager in an American business can implement change are illustrated below:

Introduce custom tote bags to employees.

As a manager, you can involve employees in your effort to create a greener workplace, leveraging their support to capitalize on visible change that transcends the confines of your place of business. Giving employees reusable tote bags not only makes employees more aware of your efforts, but provides a tangible way for them to contribute. Reusable tote bags offer a convenient, eco-friendly alternative to plastic grocery bags, meaning your go-green message will reach a wider audience than just employees. With each shopping trip your employees serve as your silent brand ambassadors, promoting your logo and your effort to maintain more sustainable business practices. In turn, your employees also make an actionable difference each time they opt for your custom reusable tote bags rather than the standard plastic bags. Whether used at the office, at home or while shopping, they’re providing publicity and starting to think green.

Offer all possible recycling.

What can be recycled depends on location, and a manager in 2013 needs to understand which items can and cannot be recycled in their workplace. If every single American business had an advanced recycling program, monumental change would occur. A leader promoting the infiltration of green thinking throughout a business needs to have an incredibly sound recycling platform. From electronic recycling to simple item disposal, employees should be both able and motivated to assist in the program.

Support domestic food and products.

Domestic products of all type and use have a smaller carbon footprint than outsourced goods. A business attempting to adequately participate in the green movement should focus on buying and supporting local. Whether this means ordering food from a local co-op at the next catered event or sourcing American-made hardware for the next wave of IT data storage, the principle of keeping import reliance at a minimum directly supports environmental conservation.

Having a vision and implementing visible change within American business can help the green movement actually push beyond traditional awareness of environmental concern. Actionable decisions by business executive s and leadership within the workplace and company structure can be really beneficial to the world’s sustainable push in 2013.

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