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Inforgraphic: A Guide to Alternative Car Fuels

Every time we hop into our petroleum or diesel-fuelled vehicles, turn the key and drive, we are contributing towards the large volume of air pollution in our environment. Of course, cars are a necessity for us to get wherever we want to go, so we can’t just decide to simply do without one. What we can do, though, is opt for a vehicle that is capable of being fuelled by an alternative, greener source of energy.

The range of alternatives available to motorists may come as a surprise, particularly to those who may perceive environmentally friendly cars to comprise exclusively of electric or solar-powered machines. Propane, biodesel, ethanol, hydrogen and compressed natural gas are just some of the options that you can try if you would prefer something cleaner than petroleum or diesel.

The infographic below by Southside Motor Factors pinpoints 10 alternative car fuels and reviews each one by price, availability, efficiency and environmental friendliness. Hopefully it might prompt you to choose one of these alternatives over a high-emission fuels, if indeed you aren’t doing so already.

A Guide to Alternative Car Fuels - Infographic

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