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Banning Sleep Mode? What’s your Opinion?

I hope this morning you’ve all heard about European Union’s legislation due to be agreed on in spring ‘09 expected to ban energy-guzzling electronics.

But what do you think about it?

I am personally a big fan of bans on standby modes. Standby modes are the biggest energy guzzlers using vampire energy when the machine is not in use.

Standby more has it’s perks:

  • Quicker startup time
  • Remote startup (using a remote control device)

But really? Yes, I pay for my electricity - even my wasted electricity but I support banning these wasting modes because many people don’t know any, let alone how much, energy is being wasted when a machine appears to be off but is merely in a standby mode.

I never leave my computer or laptop on standby - and my computer when not in use has it’s surge protector switch turned off to save electricity. Most time I am on my laptop which is a more energy efficient model and I always shut it down entirely when I am done with it.

What do you think?

Do you think it’s right for any government to ban energy wasting electronic appliances or to ban energy wasting standby modes? I want to hear from you!

Checkout the Big Green Switch for more information about switching your machines power off instead of leaving standby mode dormant.

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