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Five Must Have Apps for the Green Traveler

While traveling around the world, there are quite a few things that apps can help with. There are a lot of things that need to be planned before ever setting out on your trip, but if you are planning on traveling green, it takes more planning. From finding fuel stations along your proposed route to finding ways to save paper, there are plenty of things to plan out before leaving on vacation. Here are some of the best apps you should have for the things that you may not have planned out.

1. Lonely Planet

When traveling internationally, it is almost impossible to not have some sort of well-written guidebook. It is basically as useful as your right arm, but definitely a big thing to carry around. If you need details about big cities and the attractions there, this is your go to app. Wanted to go to the Louvre but showed up on a Tuesday and didn’t know they were closed then? This app helps to prevent these problems and has information for cities all over the world. The best part is that it saves you from buying guide book which use lots of paper and ink and is easier to carry around.

2. Velo

Rather than trying to deal with cab stands and car rentals, many people are starting to use bike sharing in big cities. This is basically a way that people use bikes to get themselves where they need to go rather than using up fuel in other means. All you need is this app and your feet to take you to the closest bike sharing locations. It has green for pick up spots and red for drop off locations.

3. Trapster

This popular road app is useful for those who are driving electric cars. When you are out driving and need to find a charging station, this app can help you to be able to find the closest stations to you. This is especially helpful when you are in states that don’t have them everywhere. It also helps you save power and gas by helping you avoid construction sites, accidents, or other time consuming road blocks that waste energy and time.

4. Find Green

If you are looking for sustainability places along the road like organic restaurants, you should use this app. It will help you to locate the closest places to your location and allow you to take advantage of what is around you. Businesses are submitted by users so you are getting the best information from locals who usually know the most. There is also a tab called “Live Green” that is crowdsourced tips on living environmentally friendly while giving estimates on just how much energy, waste, water, and money you will save doing them.

5. iLocate Vegan Restaurants

Road trips are infamous for eating junk and food that just overall makes you feel gross. This app helps people who care about eating a healthy vegan diet to find a restaurant that fits their needs. It can be very tough to find these types of places unless you know where to look, and the iLocate Vegan Restaurants app does. Put in your zipcode or use your GPS to find meat-free meals close to you.

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