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Health Benefits of Green Cleaning

Green cleaning grows fairly popular nowadays, so a lot of people look upon implementing it into your usual routines each day. There are many chemicals being used in modern cleaning products that happen to pretty unpleasant at the least and dangerous in the worst case scenarios if used excessively. There are alternatives that have been around for a while, but at the same time there is much that can be said and about green cleaning products on the market today.

Cleaning is one fairly important part of everyone’s daily activities, whether being done by us or someone doing it for us. Every week or so the need for cleaning is always there, as dust mites love to thrive on environments that have been abandoned for too long. Dander and dust dominate such places and they need to be cleaned properly if you want them to remain looking good. The use of harsher chemicals is a big no in residential quarters, so you would do well to avoid doing that no matter how much of a mess you have on your hands. Such chemicals may flare up allergies and worse, so you would do well to avoid them as much as possible.

There are many cleaning products that act as respiratory irritants, especially aerosols and worse sprayed on surfaces, but you can control what is used in cleaning your home or office better than anyone else. Chemical reactions between certain cleaners may end up becoming downright poisonous and hazardous, so you would do well to avoid mixing things together unless you know exactly what they do. There are many nontoxic cleaning supplies used out there such as borax that get the job done in most locations without the need for harsher cleaners. No bleach, no ammonia and certainly no use of aerosol cleaners if possible. The following examples will give you a few pointers on what can be done to make it all happen:

  • You may work on cleaning windows with a simple combination of distilled white vinegar and water. They will work quite well with this, easily making window cleaning far less of a chore than it needs to be. You may also get the job done with some rubbing alcohol added to your water, which will allow you to break down the smudges from fingerprints and other spots on the windows.
  • Olive oil and lemon juice are two excellent ways you can deal with furniture polish without the use of petroleum products in the process of cleaning. These will help bring back the shine to your furniture as well as giving off a nice and pleasant scent of lemon when your job is complete.
  • Salt, flour and vinegar can be used to clean metal with great efficiency without acids involved in the process. You can make a paste out of them so you can cover the area you need to clean. Allow it to dry off and then work on buffing them with a soft cloth to complete the task. You can also work on brass and copper surfaces with a slice of lemon, using its weak acids to break down the patina safely and without any inherent toxicity.
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