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Use of Organic Ingredients for Skin Lightening

Skin lightening products are very popular in Asian countries, since many women want a lighter, brighter complexion than they have naturally.

In the United States though, skin lightening products don’t seem to sell as well, though they are commonly used to treat skin problems like melasma.

One main reason more Americans don’t use skin lightening products is because in the past, these products contained potentially harmful ingredients that could actually damage your skin or cause severe irritation.

Today, skin lightening products sold over-the-counter are commonly made with organic ingredients that are known to be safe for skin care.

Glycolic Acid

Glycolic acid is a type of alpha hydroxy acid derived from sugar cane or sugar from citrus fruit.

It is commonly used in natural skin lightening products because it works to even one’s skin tone and make it brighter looking to the naked eye without harmful side effects.

By speeding up the skin cell regeneration process, which means that your skin will shed more dead cells faster, and ultimately leave healthy, clear and bright skin instead of dull, red or blotchy skin, Glycolic acid has made a name for itself in the skincare industry.

Glycolic acid is also commonly used in skin care products for aging skin since it may be able to help reduce the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles on the face however, glycolic acid is can be used on any skin type at any adult age.

Kojic Acid

Derived from naturally occurring fungi, the benefits of topical kojic acid were first discovered in 1989, and it has been used in skin care products ever since.

Like Glycolic acid, kojic acid produces very few side effects in many people, and is about as safe to use as a bar of soap since it’s only likely to produce irritation if you use it too frequently.

Kojic acid works to prevent melanin production – the substance that gives your skin its color. Excess melanin is also what causes dark spots and marks on the face and skin.

Kojic acid is commonly used in skin lightening products designed to get rid of pigmentation marks, and for general purpose skin lightening treatments for people that would simply prefer a lighter skin tone because it is safe and effective.

Vitamin C

You already know that getting enough vitamin C is important for keeping your body healthy.

You may already take supplements just to make sure you get enough since vitamin C is water soluble, and making sure you get enough is essential.

Vitamin C is also good for your skin, and it’s commonly used in skin lightening products.

Sometimes referred to as ascorbic acid or L-ascorbic acid, vitamin C may be able to actually reduce how much melanin your body creates when applied topically over a fairly short period of time.

That means that vitamin C, when applied topically, can actually help to brighten and lighten your complexion however, you have to have the right kind – so crushing up vitamin C tablets and making a face mask just isn’t the same thing.

Vitamin C can also help to protect your skin from the sun.

The sun is a common cause of age spots, and while sunscreen is something everybody should use, topical vitamin C can help your skin win the battle against the sun.

Too much sun exposure can also damage the collagen in your skin, which can make you look older than you really are. Using topical skin lightening products with vitamin C regularly can help keep that from happening.

Lactic Acid

Like glycolic acid, lactic acid works to speed up cell turnover, getting rid of dead skin cells that can clog your pores and leave your skin looking dull.

Keep in mind though that lactic acid is often better for people with very sensitive or very dry skin, though it is often used in conjunction with glycolic acid because the two ingredients work in a similar fashion.

Many people that use skin lightening products that contain lactic acid notice not only lighter, brighter skin, but increased softness as well.

By gently sloughing off those dead skin cells, lactic acid can make your skin softer to the touch in a hurry.

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